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This ministry gives away bibles to people that need it. More details are forthcoming.

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  1. Andrew

    what i will do to apply this to my life is open my heart to the possiblity that after trynig to care 4 my siblings perhaps these same traits would make me a good caretaker in a family and perhaps i know deep down i am an excellent caring and sacrificing girl. maybe its time to admit it and show it to a guy. but right away?? that will be hard. im not a big risk taker, so now i will grow as a person n take this risk. i will leap. i will open up. i will show him that i am an excellent partner in family not just financially or emotionally .but as a caretaker who is muslim and would instill the best character in my kids. they would know their Islam just as my mother taught me. n i will be happy to express this to them since this is what i didnt know. but thanks to this webinar, n my implementating mindset im ready to do this. im ready 4 marriage inshA!!

  2. Joseph Emmanuel

    Invitation for Partnership


    I, Joseph Emmanuel serving as an Asia trainer for keystone project ( having its head office in South Dakota, USA directed under the leadership of Rev.Dr.Richard Greene and the panel of Board members of Keystone project

    The Keystone Project is a global mission’s network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfilment of the Great Commission in this generation. This global network is the result of a training and coaching partnership between Christian leaders and the Keystone Project which is designed to encourage and facilitate the launching of disciple-making movements around the world

    Currently We train leaders on discipleship and helping them to launch disciple making movement which would result in an organic church,  we are training leaders in various parts of India, srilanka ,Bangladesh , Ethiopia , Liberia,brazil , usa and any more countries 

    Result of the training :

    Trained leaders launched disciple-making movements which resulted in thousands of disciples and churches, none of which required outside funding. In Ethiopia alone, between 2004 and 2007, we were able to document 45,000 new churches or cells and 2.5 million new disciples among 19 denominations and non-denominational groups and leaders. In Uganda we have credible, documented reports of one leader who, in the same time frame, has seen over 15,000 new churches and many thousands of new disciples. Similar results have taken place in Somalia, Djibouti, southern Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Kenya, Zambia, and northeastern India. Some of the countries where movements have been established include Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Cyprus, and the USA.

    We would like to invite and extend partnership based on the vision and mission that we share for the kingdom of God

    This is our current status :

    We have 2 hotels in South Dakota which runs as an international training centre and we bring key leaders from various parts of the world to train for one month

    Upcoming training is in the month of may 6 – 31 
    This is our vision statement :

                    We exist to glorify God by making disciples in every tribe , tongue ,people & nation

    We achieve our vision by our mission statement :

    We identify & train leaders who would make disciples in every tribe , tongue ,people & nation

    We train our leaders in modules with bible based and practicality on their mission field

     ( 2 tim 2 : 2)

    This is our Definition for disciple :

     A spirit filled & transformed follower of Jesus Christ

    ·         You – Be a Disciple

    ·         Your Disciple (First generation)

    ·         Your Disciple’s Disciple (Second Generation)

    ·         Your Disciple’s Disciple’s Disciple (Third Generation)

    ·         Your Disciple’s Disciple’s Disciple’s Disciple (Fourth Generation)

     Every 4 generation of discipleship is to launch a movement like an early church

    The Keystone Project Provides:

    ·         Dynamic visionary-based discipleship training

    ·         Movement-launching Ministry Internships

    ·         Leadership Coaching

    ·         Training Resources

    ·         Relational Leadership Networking

    The Keystone Project does not Provide:

    ·         Ministry Ordination for church leaders

    ·         Support and sending resources for missionaries

    ·         Denominational affiliation for churches

    ·         Ministry Funding

    To know more about :

    1.Keystone project history ( kindly click )

    2.How Is The Keystone Discipleship Training Unique

     ( kindly click )

    3. Doctrinal statement

    ( kindly click )

    We believe:

    Discipleship is Life & It needs to be lived

    It needs to be imparted with the DNA of Jesus Christ

    It is a highest level of calling for a complete surrender to the Great commission

    Missional disciple making

    Pursuing an organic & spirit Led ministry

    The Kingdom Life of a Disciple
    A glimpse About the training :
    Topics Covered in Level 1 Vision Training

    ·         Visionary Leadership

    ·         Missional Disciple-Making

    ·         Multiplying to the 4th Generation

    ·         The Cost of Discipleship

    ·         Launching a Disciple-Making Movement

    ·         Organic Spirit-led Ministry

    ·         Developing a Leadership Culture

    Topics Covered in Level 2 Equipping Training

    ·         Multiplication Movement Dynamics

    ·         Emerging Redemptive Communities (Church Planting)

    ·         Developing a Biblical and Supernatural Worldview

    ·         Waging Spiritual Warfare

    ·         Walking in the Spirit and using Spiritual Gifts on Mission

    ·         Identifying Apostolically-Gifted Leaders

    ·         Orality and Biblical Storying

    ·         Facilitating the Growth of Organic Ministry

    ·         Establishing a Leadership Culture and Network Within a Movement

    Our International partners :
    1.       Sugar Creek Church
    2.       Faith comes by hearing
    3.       Missionary church
    4.       Disciple nations.  Etc.., 
    Let us know if you have any question we would love to answer and explore how we can partner and share our resources for ONE PURPOSE ONE VISION ONE MISSION for the Kingdom of God

    For Further information contact us at :

    Office Address : The Keystone Project, Inc. P.O. Box 404 Ossian, IN 46777 

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